Hawthorn Berry Relaxes the Brain and Lowers LDL Cholesterol

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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Hawthorn berry is a nutrient best known as a heart tonic and cardiovascular relaxer, with a well-documented ability to help patients with Class I and Class II heart failure.  Several new studies show that hawthorn has distinct calming effect on the brain and can even lower LDL cholesterol. 

Recent animal studies show that hawthorn berry can reduce anxious/hyper behavior1.  It also demonstrated analgesic effect on the nerves via enhanced natural activity of central nervous system opiates.  The researchers concluded that their findings “support the traditional use of this plant to treat stress, nervousness, sleep disorders, and pain control.”

In another study mice were fed a high cholesterol diet2 for eight weeks to induce elevated LDL cholesterol and plaque accumulation in the arteries.  Mice that showed significant damage to arteries were then divided into three groups:  a control group, a statin-treated group, and a group treated with hawthorn berry.  Both the statin and hawthorn berry groups had lower triglycerides and improved ratio between LDL and total cholesterol despite being on a high cholesterol diet.  However, only the hawthorn berry group had significantly lowered LDL cholesterol.

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