Friendly Nitric Oxide is Needed for Nerve Health

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Nitric oxide1 has just been discovered to be a major component in the structural integrity of nerve synapses – and absolutely vital for developing new nerve connections.  Nitric oxide exists in two states in your body, friendly and unfriendly. 

The friendly form is activated by the enzyme nitric oxide synthase, which the new research proved was essential for proper nerve function and development.  The unfriendly form of nitric oxide is induced by stress, inflammation, and toxins; it drives the process of nerve destruction.  Clearly, you want more friendly than unfriendly nitric oxide in your body.

Grape seed extracts have been proven to activate the enzyme nitric oxide synthase, in turn helping make friendly nitric oxide.  I recently explained this mechanism, from a cardiovascular point of view, in my article Grape Seed Extract’s Powerful Cardio Protection.  The same mechanism explained in this article also applies to your nerves, which is one reason that grape seed extract is helpful in combating cognitive decline.

Referenced Studies:
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