Friendly Flora Reduce the Risk for Premature Delivery

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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A new Norwegian study shows that pregnant mothers with the highest intake of friendly flora1 (probiotics/acidophilus) had a significantly reduced risk for a premature delivery.

During pregnancy a mother’s immune system is downregulated so that the fetus is not rejected.  Problems can occur if there is a hostile balance of power existing within the digestive tract.  During pregnancy, there is less ability to deal with the problem.  This means that germ gangs in the digestive tract are likely to produce more toxic waste products, thus adversely stressing the pregnancy and even contributing to toxemia. 

This new study shows that friendly flora intake during pregnancy can help keep this problem at bay and does indeed promote full term pregnancy.  This information is especially important to any pregnant woman who has a history of digestive problems or a history of any type of yeast infections. 

The fact that something as simply as friendly flora can help offset what has become a huge and costly health problem in the United States is every reason public health officials should actively promote this safe remedy.  While it doesn’t address every reason for premature delivery it certainly addresses one main reason for the problem.

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