Fish Oil Helps Heart Patients – Statins Don’t

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

In yet another blow to the statin marketing machine, Crestor was found to be of no help at all in reducing mortality in heart failure patients1, despite lowering LDL cholesterol. 

Because statins are muscle deteriorating drugs and your heart is a muscle, this result is not surprising.  It is also another piece of evidence that lowering cholesterol with drugs is not the same thing as being healthy and does not produce cardiovascular well being.  This information follows closely on the heels of other negative findings, including that statins injure up to 15% of those taking them based on a gene variant and that low cholesterol levels, as recommended by Big Pharma-trained physicians, are associated with significantly increased risk of cancer and death.

However, the embarrassment doesn’t stop there.  In a parallel arm of the study simple fish oil supplementation2 reduced death in heart failure patients by 14%, a statistically significant and dramatic benefit – as this is a double blind placebo controlled study.  Almost never can drugs show improvement in mortality in this type of highly controlled study, yet fish oil can.

This information follows closely on the heels of another report I made last month about fish oil cutting the risk of heart disease by 50% in Japanese men, compared to their Japanese American counterparts who don’t consume as much fish and omega 3 fish oil like DHA.

In this rare head to head competition between a nutrient and a drug, the nutrient is the clear winner.  This is why Big Pharma funds studies where drugs are compared to existing drugs.  If drugs were compared to quality nutrients on a regular basis, for a majority of health problems, drugs would finish second and be relegated to their rightful place in emergency medicine and acute/short-term needs.  Even in chronic health problems nutrients would rise to their rightful place as tools that can actually improve health, not just manage the symptoms while creating new adverse side effects of poor health (the credit card mentality required for massive drug sales to aging baby boomers).

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