DHA Regulates Glial Cells to Reduce Nerve Damage & Boost Nerve Rejuvenation

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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Activation of your brain is required for optimal brain function. Unfortunately, some types of brain activation induce an excitotoxic and inflammatory chain reaction of damage. So how do you have healthy brain activation without adverse brain activation? Take DHA.

DHA rapidly accumulates in the cell membranes of neurons that send neurotransmitters, allowing your brain to communicate. DHA is involved in protecting nerve structure as well as resolving nerve inflammation. This study points out a new mechanism in how DHA protects your brain: it regulates the glial cells in your brain so that activation of your brain is healthy, while preventing improper activation from toxic stimuli. 

Your glial cells hold all of your nerve transmitting cells in structural connection, as well as forming myelin sheathing around nerve axons to facilitate the speed of your brain signals. When glial cells overheat from stressful stimuli, then excitotoxic damage occurs and brain health deteriorates. This study shows that DHA directly offsets stressful activation of glial cells. 

The researchers believe that this is an important finding because it means that DHA is a tool for neuro-regeneration from brain injury or general aging. 

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