DHA Essential for Health of Digestive Tract

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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New research suggests that DHA is an important nutrient in the prevention of any type of inflammatory bowel disease1.  This is one application of DHA in its overall role as a major anti-inflammatory nutrient that actually promotes the complete resolution of the inflammatory process, as described in my groundbreaking article, Resolvins and Protectins:  Did You Get Your Anti-Aging DHA Today?
Lining your digestive tract are your epithelial cells, which act as a barrier to protect the lining of your digestive tract from the foreign contents within your digestive tract. If your epithelial cells get punched in the nose by something, they send out a call for help. This phone call is inflammatory in nature and promotes immune cells to come over and have a look, often sticking to the epithelial cells. While this is a natural process to deal with digestive stress, it also can get out of balance and lead to significant inappropriate digestive inflammation. Before long, a person can develop irritable bowel or a more serious problem such as colitis or Crohn’s disease. 

The researchers found that DHA reduces the sticky and inflammatory signals coming from epethelial cells, directly reducing the risk for developing inflammatory bowel issues. 

The benefits of DHA to the circulatory system and brain are well documented. This study shows that DHA is functioning virtually everywhere in your body to help regulate genes that promote health and healing – including your digestive tract.


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