DHA Boosts Brain Function in Boys

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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Boys age 8 – 10 taking 400 mg – 1200 mg of DHA per day1 for eight weeks had significant improvement in the prefrontal cortex areas of their brains that are associated with attention. 

The researchers showed that red blood cell levels of DHA increased by 47% in the 400 mg per day group and 70% in the 1200 mg per day group – proving once again that as far as fat intake is concerned we are what we eat.  This increase in red blood cell fatty acid levels of DHA was consistent with improved brain activation based on magnetic resonance imaging.

Back on March 1 in a posting titled The Poorly Developing ADHD Brain I reported that abnormal development of this important cortical region of the brain is the hallmark of true ADHD.  Now we have proof that a nutrient can directly improve the function of this area of the brain.  For best results it should be given throughout the entire childhood development time.

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