Cissus Quadrangularis – A Potent Bone Builder

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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The herb cissus quadrangularis1 is widely used in traditional ayurvedic medicine for its profound bone healing and bone mending properties.  New scientific exploration is helping to document the power of this unique bone support nutrient.  The latest study shows that it directly helps bone marrow make the bone-building carpenter cells known as osteoblasts as well as directly promote the formation of calcium matrix (new bone).

The mesenchymal stem cells within bone marrow have the potential to become the all-important osteoblasts.  They can also become macrophages.  Metabolic signaling guides what will happen.  Too much inflammation promotes macrophage formation and a lack of osteoblasts relative to too many osteoclasts, in turn promoting bone loss.  Nutrients that encourage osteoblast formation are highly desirable for bone health.  This study shows that cissus quadrangularis1 not only helps mesenchymal stem cells turn into osteoblasts but that it also helps stimulate the production of more mesenchymal stem cells, which can then turn into more osteoblasts.  This herb contains highly bioactive regeneration properties for bone.

The researchers concluded that “cissus quadrangularis1 stimulates osteoblastogenesis and can be used as preventive/alternative natural medicine for bone diseases such as osteoporosis.”

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