Chlorella Reduces Red Blood Cell Damage Linked to Cognitive Decline

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

A key problem of aging is a magnified inefficiency in the antioxidant system, wherein problems establish a trend in the wrong direction. 8,000 mg per day of chlorella in elderly patients for two months was able to significantly improve the health of their red blood cells.

Red blood cells are new every 4-6 weeks because they have no inherent repair capacity. In essence, they get banged up doing their job and have to be recycled.

During aging, red blood cells get banged up faster and their numbers decline. Since red blood cells carry oxygen, iron, vitamin E, and iodine the lack of them or the impaired quality of them has a major wear and tear impact, accelerating the aging process. 

Such damage is now known to be highly associated with cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s. In other words, measurable stress to the red blood cells in the circulation is highly predictive of stress in the brain.

Chlorella supplementation was able to reduce the damage to red blood cell membranes as well as boost the number of red blood cells, indicating a very effective protective result. The researchers believe such benefits “might contribute to maintaining the normal function of erythrocytes [red blood cells] and prevent the development of senile dementia”.

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