Chlorella Protects Your Digestive Lining

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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Many health problems are linked to a deterioration of digestive function.  As digestive health deteriorates your digestive lining is compromised.  This results in various compounds, including bacterial toxins, and unconjugated bile leaking back into your circulation wreaking havoc with your health.  Chlorella supplementation1 can offset a wide range of digestive stressors that can otherwise lead to poor health.

In the current study, rats were subjected to high levels of bile by surgically impairing normal bile flow.  This condition is known to cause excessive bacterial overgrowth with consequent translocation of large amounts of bacterial toxins into the bloodstream.  The results of the study showed that chlorella could offset the stress of this condition. It removes the bacterial toxins from the circulation, prevents the free radical damage that would otherwise be caused by the jaundiced condition, and prevents atrophy/damage of the digestive lining. 

This study is important because millions of humans have stagnant and inappropriate bile flow and excess unconjugated bile buildup. In addition, many individuals are continuously suffering from some degree of leaky gut, which causes toxins from the gut to move inappropriately back into the general circulation highly stressing the liver, kidneys, and circulatory system. 

In my recent posting titled Friendly Flora Inhibits Bilirubin-Induced Digestive Damage I explained how helpful supplemental bacteria can help prevent such damage.  This study explains how chlorella can do the same—offering additional protection for stressed digestion.  While it is obviously important to your health to fully correct all digestive problems it is also important to protect your health when digestive issues are ongoing.  Chlorella is a powerful tool in your protection toolbox.

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