Chlorella Lowers Blood Sugar & Cholesterol

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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A human study on chlorella1 shows that it is a powerful tool in helping your cholesterol and blood sugar metabolism.  Participants consumed 8,000 mg of chlorella per day (in two doses/4,000 mg at a time).  At the end of 12 weeks those participants who were on the verge of poor health had significantly improved blood glucose and cholesterol levels.

The research involved 17 individuals at high risk whose average age was 59, had elevated lipids, and elevated blood sugar; and 17 healthy individuals whose average age was 34. Each participant took 8,000 mg of chlorella per day, in an AM and PM dose of 4,000 mg.  Blood was collected at various stages, and detailed gene expression arrays were performed.

The at-risk group significantly lowered cholesterol and blood glucose; improvement was traced directly to chlorella ingestion.  After cholesterol began to go down, then blood glucose began to improve.

Previous studies have established that chlorella helps lower cholesterol by clearing it from the digestive tract and helping prevent its reabsorption from the digestive tract.  The current study confirms these earlier findings as well as demonstrates that the net metabolic effect is also one of improved blood sugar metabolism.

Gene expression arrays were compared between the two groups to help understand the biological activity of chlorella.  Chlorella activated a number of genes involved with improved insulin sensitivity within cells. This means that cells could more readily take up blood sugar from the circulation.  This research indicates that chlorella helps improve insulin resistance at the cellular level by assisting a number of insulin signaling pathways.

Chlorella’s ability to help promote healthy blood sugar levels is a new finding.  The fact that it also supports healthy cholesterol levels, assists detoxification of toxins, is a great source of vegetable greens, and is quite safe to take, all make it an appealing choice for many.  For more information, see my comprehensive review of the nutritional value of chlorella.


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