Chernobyl Still Haunts

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

The devastating long-term adverse health effects of radiation exposure is made painfully clear in a new study following the health of Latvian clean-up workers of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant1 accident of 1986.  There is a significant increase in mortality rate compared to the general population.  Those still living have an average of ten different diseases or medical conditions, accelerated aging from free radical damage, autoimmune disease, immunologic incompetence, and very high rates of thyroid, prostate, and stomach cancer.

It should be clearly understood that radiation exposure will haunt a population for decades.  The terrorist threat of a dirty bomb or full scale nuclear explosion is again on the minds of many.  This is no longer just a fringe issue for the doom and gloomers of the world.  What would you do if you were about to be exposed to a large dose of radiation?

There is a reason our government hands out mega-doses of iodine to everyone living in close proximity to a nuclear reactor.  Your thyroid gland will take the major hit from radioactive exposure and iodine2 is your first line of defense.  The very first thing you would want to do is cover your body with liquid iodine, especially your neck.  Then take a whopping oral dose. 

You’d want to load up on antioxidants in general, and lipoic acid in particular.  Even years after the Chernobyl accident a study with 600 mg of lipoic acid3 per day was able to help correct some of the problems in these Latvian clean-up workers. 

In a world of uncertainty, for anyone interested, it makes sense to have some extra iodine, lipoic acid, and antioxidants in the cupboard.  It amazes me that our government gets its pants in a bunch anytime anyone offers suggestions about what to do in case of an emergency.  It is equally amazing how active our government is in suppressing useful health information under the guise of “protecting” the public from “fraud.”  If they spent 1/10th the energy monitoring the effects of the dangerous drugs they approve people to take on a daily basis the world would be a much safer place to live.

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