Bromelain as a Natural Anti-Clotting Nutrient

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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Bromelain is one of the best nutrients known to help dissolve things in your body that should not be there.  It is little surprise that a review of bromelain animal and human studies show that it can help keep your blood from improperly clotting.

The science shows that bromelain inhibits platelets from sticking together while also protecting the walls of arteries.  It has a specific effect on thrombin, helping reduce clotting factors associated with clot formation as well as reduce existing clots.  Unlike the rat poison used by the medical profession, it does not interfere with needed clotting and actually speeds healing. 

Many nutrients help your blood flow better and keep platelets in better working condition.  Other notable choices include resveratrol, curcumin, DHA, tocotrienol E and pantethine.  And remember, leptin receptors are on your platelets.  Leptin resistance is a primary reason for sticky blood that can place you at risk for strokes.  It is vital to follow the Leptin Diet regardless of your weight, and lose weight healthfully if you are overweight, in order to properly reduce risks for inappropriate clotting.

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