Top Health Stories of 2016

Tuesday, December 27, 2016
By: Linda J. Dobberstein, Chiropractor, Board Certified in Clinical Nutrition

This past year, Wellness Resources brought a large variety of cutting-edge natural health information to help you understand how nutrient and disease research impacts you. We strive to publish health news articles that provide a range and depth of knowledge on relevant health concerns, including emerging areas of health concerns, nutrient features, prevention and risk reduction, and foundations for health and well-being. We want you to be empowered to take charge of your health and guide you in your journey towards long-lasting wellness!

1. Fundamentals of Nutritional Support and Your Health

Just like there is a routine to the work day and schedule, our body also follows a daily routine. It may not be a conscious thought, but it is crucial for your health. When your rhythm is in sync, things function well, and when it desynchronizes, internal chaos ensues. Meal timing, bowel movements, day-night rhythms, light exposure, essential nutrients, and healthy sleep patterns are all fundamental to good internal body rhythms. These articles are helpful guides to getting your internal clock to run well and set your body up for long-term health. 

2. Body Systems and Maintaining Your Health

The different systems of your body all need to be in top working order to maintain optimal health. The latest research on these systems is central for improving health in each system and your overall lasting health. These articles are focused on this new research and how to maintain these systems with practical solutions.






Thyroid and Leptin

Adrenal, Sex Hormones










3. Drugs and the Risk to Your Body

Adverse drugs reactions and injuries are a serious concern in medicine today. Many of these effects may not be discussed in an office visit or even acknowledged in the pharmacist’s drug information sheet. These risks may occur in very subtle ways and take considerable time to create noticeable damage. It is important to understand the true risks and the choices you can make to limit the damage, reduce these risks, and understand your options. Be informed.

4. Methylation Defects and Your Health

Methylation is a metabolic process that controls DNA replication and the body’s aging process. It occurs in every cell and organ of the body and requires several nutrients to occur.  Genetic mutations, which affect one out of two people, impact effectiveness of methylation and require increased nutrients to counteract. Compromised methylation leads to numerous health disorders and limits the body’s ability to effectively manage aging. Learn about its wide-reaching affects and nutritional solutions with these articles.

5. Mitochondria Damage and Support

The focus on mitochondria, our cells’ energy producers, and their dysfunction continued in 2016. Mitochondrial damage is linked to aging, and preventing that damage, is key to a long life. It is crucial to protect mitochondria, provide the essential nutrients for their function, and ensure healthy mitochondria physiology. Know what mitochondria concerns look like, the risks to mitochondria, and the nutrients required that keep your body’s mitochondria functioning well so you can prevent premature aging and disease.

6. Nutrient Science and Health Benefits

Nutrients are a part of everyday life. We may not think about them, but our body requires numerous vitamins, minerals, coenzymes, proteins, fats, and carbohydrates for basic function. New health discoveries are made every day in regards to nutrients and their impact on your health. Here are some of the nutrient discoveries that we presented in 2016.

7. Technology and the Risks to You

Modern day conveniences of electricity, technology, and medical testing provide great many benefits for twenty-first century living. Growing evidence, however, shows subtle changes to our body that occur due to this technology.  These changes impact everything from rhythms and sleep to triggering disease states in the body. To master health, we must be aware of how to protect ourselves against this age of technology and maintain proper balance to combat this risk.


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