Medicare Part D Addicts Seniors to Big Pharma Drugs

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist
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Give anyone something for nothing and they will keep on taking it.  That is the result Big Pharma was hoping for when it bribed Republicans and the former President George W. Bush to pass a massive unfunded drug liability for taxpayers.  And a new study of the statistics1 proves the point – seniors are more than happy to pop Big Pharma pills ad nauseum, while the rest of America foots the bill.

I am not at all opposed to a social safety net for those truly in need.  However, the lions share of these Big Pharma pills are for treating self-inflicted health problems due to years of eating poorly and not taking care of oneself.  Furthermore, the pills don’t cure anything and often require more pills to treat the adverse side effects of the pills being given.  The only one benefiting is Big Pharma, whereas Big Pharma wants you to believe that it is the most vulnerable members of society that are benefiting – which is a bald-faced lie.

If America wants to get serious about spending cuts and reducing the cost of healthcare, then we will need politicians that can take on the Big Pharma lobby.  If history is any predictor then that will be a tough challenge.  Big Pharma has successfully purchased Democrats and Republicans for as far back as the eye can see.  And it is mostly your tax dollars and inflated charges for health care that pay for Big Pharma’s lobby - a sort of self-perpetuating destruction of health in America.

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