Media is Part of the Big Pharma Cartel

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Have you ever wondered why the media speaks so highly of drugs and paints safe and effective dietary supplements as either not effective or even dangerous?  As the House and Senate finally agreed to a near useless FDA reform and financing package it became painfully clear that advertising dollars were far more important than health or safety of Americans.

Big Pharma had been so beaten up by its fraudulent and deceptive marketing of dangerous drugs that it focused its lobbyists on minimizing damages and maintaining its monopoly on high prices for drugs in the U.S. compared to any other country in the world – something Senate Republicans were happy to support (in return for Big Pharma $$$).

The surprise came on direct to consumer advertising which Big Pharma didn’t even try to defend as the were sure they had no leg to stand on.  Media and advertising lobbyists realized they were about to loose a huge cash cow.  They went into full swing and spent a fortune to portray a restriction on direct to consumer advertising as a violation of Big Pharma’s first amendment rights.  The rights of Big Pharma to deceive, injure, and kill Americans are preserved – with the media as a main player in the con game and the blessing of a congress on the take.

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