Eli Lilly Allowed Zyprexa Injuries for Years Without Warning

By: Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Eli Lilly is on the hot seat as its blockbuster drug, Zyprexa, goes on trial in Alaska.  An expert witness testified on Friday that Lilly had withheld from doctors and patients that the drug caused severe weight gain, high blood sugar, and diabetes.  During the time Lilly withheld information it built the drug into a 4-billion-a-year blockbuster.

Lilly has already paid out hundreds of millions to settle claims – but now Alaska is going after Lilly and other states are watching what happens.  Lilly has been selling Zyprexa to children (an off label use) who are covered by state Medicaid programs – bilking states of hundreds of millions of dollars while causing disease in those children taking the drugs. 

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