Health Classes with Byron J. Richards

Byron J. Richards, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, author, and nationally-recognized natural health expert shares educational health classes for those who want to be well and stay well. Learn from an expert in the field of clinical nutrition!

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Mastering Brain Health - Online Class
Improve memory, focus, and mood. Excellent information for individuals of all ages!
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Women's Health - Online Class
Discover how to keep hormones functioning smoothly at any age! Improve energy and mood, support your adrenals, and manage PMS. Learn the truth about bio-identical hormones, how to go through a smooth transition and reduce menopausal-related symptoms, and how to maintain bone health. Whether you are a woman in her 30s, 50s or beyond, this is an excellent class for you. Listen to Women's Health Class

Thyroid for Life - Online Class
Byron J. Richards discusses how optimum thyroid function is essential for healthy weight and optimum health. Discover what you can do to keep your thyroid in optimum working function and why this is essential for longevity!
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Brain, Memory & Mood - Online Class
Byron explains in easy-to-understand terms how your brain and nervous system function and provides valuable tips for children, adults and seniors. This is great information for people of all ages! Your brain and nervous system affects memory, learning, focus, coordination and mood. Listen to Brain, Memory & Mood Class

Stress & Adrenals - Online Class
Your adrenal system affects stress tolerance, mental energy, food cravings, thyroid function and weight management. Learn Byron’s tips to help you feel at your best!
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Weight Loss & Detoxification - Online Class
Did you know that your fat cells store toxins? As you lose weight fat cells begin to release toxins that your body needs to clear out. This is one reason people get to a plateau weight. Learn how to get past the "toxic layer of fat".
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Mastering Candida & Digestion - Online Class
Sugar cravings? Food allergies? Learn how to manage candida overgrowth and improve digestive health.  Listen to Mastering Candida Class

Mastering Fibromyalgia - Online Class
Fibromyalgia is a complex issue resulting in muscle pain and fatigue. Learn how you can detect the first signs of fibromyalgia and improve this health issue naturally.  Listen to Mastering Fibromyalgia Class

Thyroid & Metabolism - Online Class
Discover the relationships between thyroid and leptin, weight loss, stress, memory, cholesterol and blood pressure. Byron Richards also answers questions about thyroid medication, starvation diets, thyroid and pregnancy and more.
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