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Wellness Resources® supplements are specially formulated by Byron J. Richards, CCN as an entire health system to help you get results for the majority of issues that may be troubling you. Wellness Resources is family-owned and operated with 25 years clinical nutrition experience. We use only the highest quality forms of nutrients and care about the results you see. You can count on our superior quality supplements, reliable and accurate health information, and personalized service to make a difference in your life!

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Wellness Resources

1) We are a family business rooted in family values

From our family to yours, since 1985, we have been a values-driven company whose focus is on your health and the well being of your family. We care about your health. This is the essence of the philosophy behind the values that have made Wellness Resources Inc. a success.

This point alone differentiates Wellness Resources from 99% of the companies you could buy dietary supplements from. Most companies are rooted in profit margins, cutting corners, and compromising supplement quality in ways that you often can't determine – simply to make a buck. Read more about our quality and production philosophy.

2) We evolved based on solving health problems

The Wellness Resources® supplement line evolved in a clinical setting over many years – specifically to help solve difficult health problems. We are used to being a place of last resort as well as a place of first resort. Put our experience from twenty-five years on the front lines of clinical nutrition to work for you. We can save you a lot of time. We are not a gimmick company that was set up to hype a "wonder nutrient." We know what really works.

In the 1980s and 90s most of our customers were individuals who had lost their health, been tossed pointlessly from doctor to doctor, and left searching for answers. Our supplement line evolved to solve the most difficult health issues – supplements that had to work in a demanding clinical practice. Not surprisingly, such true quality works best in anyone. Read and watch client success stories here.

3) Built from scratch, the American way

We don't answer to investors and don't owe any debt. We built our business steadily as the years went by, expanding primarily by word of mouth based on servicing our customers and getting real results. The reason our business has succeeded is because we truly help people. We were "brick and mortar" long before we expanded to the internet. We value our independence and stay true to our mission.

The dietary supplement industry is being bought out and taken over by Big Pharma. A majority of the industry is mass market junk and/or companies jockeying for position in the global market – who have forgotten about you and see your business as a stepping stone to some acquisition, I.P.O., or global expansion plan. Our primary goal is helping families across with their nutritional supplement needs.

4) On the Cutting Edge – Weight Loss, Thyroid, and Leptin – the New Frontier

Wellness Resources is not a "me too" operation. We set the standard that others copy. We started the Leptin revolution in 2002 with the groundbreaking book "Mastering Leptin", followed in 2006 with "The Leptin Diet." Many others copy us – we are the pioneers and the true experts in this field.

The obesity epidemic is not going away any time soon. Taking charge of the fat hormone leptin is the answer to the obesity epidemic and you can learn how to do this. We offer a variety of weight management tools to help you:

  1. Books: Mastering Leptin , The Leptin Diet
  2. Wellness Resources Supplements: Thyroid Helper and the Leptin Control Pack
  3. Information: Breaking Weight loss news, Weight loss tips

5) Broad Expertise on All Key Health Topics

The biggest problem with information on the internet is that there is so much of it. How do you know what is right for you? Most information-intense websites offer no easy way to cross-relate important information for your health. Most people need help on more than one key area. Trying to integrate this information yourself is a daunting task. All of our health information is written in a consistent format across multiple health topics – a true system of natural health care.

We provide in-depth health topic information to help you learn exactly what you need to know. If you just want an overview of the topic all you have to read is the first few paragraphs. If you'd like to know the details of how your body works then you can read on. Check out some of these recently-updated health topics:

Stress & Mood, Cardiovascular Health, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Cellulite Reduction, Prenatal Nutrition, Postpartum Nutrition.

We encourage you read our health news and sign up for Byron's free e-newsletter to be the first to know about health and nutrient science, plus Byron's take on mainstream health news.

6) We Are Quality Fanatics

We design and formulate our own dietary supplements. Every ingredient has its own story and can be purchased in varying grades. We strive to purchase only the finest quality ingredients, the key difference that makes the Wellness Resources® supplements work so well – a difference that you can really feel.

Even our basic supplements contain features not found in anyone else's products. For example, our Daily Energy Multiple Vitamin™ is far more than a simple multi-vitamin. It was designed to help people with poor energy actually make energy – using only the finest co-enzyme b-vitamins and Kreb's cycle mineral chelates. This supplement has enough nutrients to not only boost mood but also clear Homocysteine for heart health – all in our basic multiple vitamin.*

Quick Reference Chart Showing Quality Differences
What's in Your Multiple Vitamin? Detecting Real Quality. Part 1 – Minerals
What's in Your Multiple Vitamin? Detecting Real Quality. Part 2 – Vitamins

7) Innovative Nutritional Supplement Design

Our supplements are not only designed with the finest quality ingredients, they are made to take advantage of advanced nutritional biochemistry for improved absorption, enhanced transport, and superior cellular utilization. Our products are designed to fit together modularly to boost support for common health topics like bone health, cardiovascular health, energy, thyroid, or weight management. This enables you to easily tailor a program to your needs without needless overlap, progressively increasing support as needed or desired.

At Wellness Resources the supplements we make are the supplements we take. I only want the best for myself and my family – and your family too! Personally, I take all four of my convenience packs – simply to stay healthy. They are the greatest combination of quality supplements ever assembled.

Read about our comprehensive Daily Supplement Program and Daily Super Pack. Expand your coverage for heart health (LeptiCardio Pack), weight management (Leptin Control Pack), and/or aches and pains and tissue regeneration (Rejuvenation Pack).*

8) Backed by Science

By reading our website or ground breaking books on leptin you can quickly see that we know our business and are true leaders in the field of clinical nutrition. We know how to use nutrition to safely and effectively support almost any health topic. We never expose you to unproven or risky supplements and we stay on top of the rapidly emerging science in our field.

Too many companies rely on hype or some kind of fad nutrient. It is sickening to see the bogus marketing promotion that fills your inbox or the unrealistic claims of your neighbor who has been hoodwinked into believing their network marketing products are the cure for all that ails you. Don't rely on them when you can learn from a real expert. You can see the most recent health science by looking at our various health news posts:

Recent Health News      Recent Health Tips on Key Topics

9) We Stand up for Your Rights

Byron Richards is an internationally recognized health freedom advocate. His articles are posted by many popular websites around the world including NewswithViews.com He is the author of the riveting book Fight for Your Health: Exposing the FDA's Betrayal of America.

At Wellness Resources we believe it is a matter of integrity that the truth be told. There is a reason 100,000 Americans are needlessly killed by Big Pharma with the blessings of the FDA each year.

We invite you to sign up for Byron's free e-newsletter and read current health freedom articles here.

10) We Want to Help You

Yes – A live person answers the phone! Contact any of our friendly and well-trained wellness specialists to find out how Wellness Resources can help you in your quest to regain or maintain your health. (800) 717-9355/ (952) 929-4575.

We offer an information-packed website, a highly informative free e-newsletter, a remarkably helpful catalog, and professional nutritional services if you want help with a truly personalized plan. We have the knowledge and experience to help you.

Sign up for Byron's FREE health newsletter .

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Nutritional Excellence Since 1985

Founded in 1985 by Byron J. Richards and Mary Guignon Richards, Wellness Resources Inc. was built around the vision of helping individuals all over the world to utilize safe and effective nutritional supplement solutions. Byron J. Richards developed the Wellness Resources® supplement line after he found that the quality of professional grade supplements was lacking and other companies supplements were unable to produce the clinical results he was looking for. He felt compelled to formulate supplements with reliable high-quality nutrients that could produce life changing results. Despite market pressures and trends, we have stayed true to our quality commitment and always put your health first.

About the Founders

Byron J. Richards, Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist, is a charter member of the International & American Association of Clinical Nutritionists (IAACN), and is a leading authority on nutritional supplements, and their uses and benefits. Having been on the front lines of clinical nutrition for several decades, he has earned his reputation as a top nutritional and natural health expert. Byron is continually researching the latest health breakthroughs and nutritional discoveries, and takes pride in sharing his knowledge with you. With his wide range of expertise, he can readily help you understand how to use his Wellness Resources® nutritional supplements to help you and your family achieve your health goals. Byron J. Richards is the author of Mastering Leptin, The Leptin Diet, and Fight for Your Health. He is the formulator of the Wellness Resources® supplement line and the author of the health information available on this website. Read more about Byron | Sign up for Byron’s Free Health e-newsletter!

Mary Guignon Richards, Executive Director of Wellness Resources, Inc has a long history as a successful entrepreneur and business woman. Mary has managed operations, production and marketing at Wellness Resources, Inc since its inception in 1985. Mary is also extremely passionate about women’s health and has labored to ensure women know and understand their natural health options. She knows well the burden placed on every mother who is trying to raise healthy children while keeping her and other family members well. She is dedicated to helping women understand how to gain and maintain health in order to get the most out of and enjoy life. Mary’s Corner is a resource to give women tips and advice, while providing answers to health questions. It is also a place where she shares some of her insights as a women’s health advocate, see Mary’s Blog.

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Wellness Resources® supplements have changed my life. I am so thankful that I found you!"
~ Mary D.

I always knew you had wonderful, high quality supplements, but your customer service confirms how great a company you are. I really appreciate the professional and friendly interactions I have had with Wellness Resources®. Thank you!"
~ Douglas H.

I was so impressed with how fast I received my supplements!"
~ Constance Q.